Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Farmers Market

Farmers Market Today-

Come see us at the Downs Village Market today between 4-6 pm. This will be the last downs farmers market for the year.

We will be featuring salad greens with 9 varieties
of greens in every bag, and all the products that go with it;
tomatoes, radishes, peppers, leeks, beets, turnips and more. We will also have herb grab bags, with assorted herbs of your choosing.
See you tonight,
Epiphany Farms

The Pantagraph

Well, we have been thinking for a long time that we needed to get this blog up and running. With so many things going on out on the farm it is really important that we update everyone on the progress.

So, today we are all really excited. We have takin a short break to view the article that came out in the Pantagraph. Phyllis Coulters did a great job writing the article.