Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Give me light and i'll give you Life...

Spring equinox has just occured for the 2010 season. I think even the plants got excited because they seemed to reach and stretch a little taller than the day before. Under the protection of double coverage (that's a low polytunnel inside a greenhouse) we are able to extend our growing season far into the winter and start months before we normally could without coverage. This has allowed for a great harvest through most of our coldest weeks and now we are back to more than 12 hours of sunlight a day. Winter reminded me of how much i love spring!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Permaculture Design Principles

We were able to sign up for the web content of the latest Winter Permaculture Design Course. Although we were not able to attend the full course we were given access to some amazing powerpoints, handouts and recorded discussion. Over-all it was awesome!

Everyone should look into Midwest Permaculture in Stelle, IL and get signed up for a Design Course.

Fundamental Permaculture Design Principles

Each function is supported by multiple elements.
Catch, store and recycle energy and materials.
Each element performs multiple functions.
Use biological and renewable resources.
The edge effect maximizes yield.
Abundance is unlimited.
Observe and Connect.
Accelerate succession.
Mistakes are tools for learning.
Use small scale, intensive systems.
We can turn problems into solutions.
Make the least change for the greatest effect.

Lack of Posts!

I am extremely sorry for the lack of post on the Blog. Over the last month we have been focusing on the new Facebook Fan Page. It is really coming along and we have quite a following already. I hope everyone will come join in on the fun.