Thursday, November 26, 2009

Must See Movies!

For the last year we have been seeking educational and inspiring entertainment. Some of the most inspiring form of entertainment would have to be the movies that have come out recently. They are movies that showcase a movement and empower the recipient with the knowledge needed to understand some of the most important topics in the world today. Each one of these movies is connected to the vision and mission of Epiphany Farms Enterprise.

Please follow these links. I promise, you will deeply appreciate the valuable information that they have to offer.

While writing the list I had to add some not so recent movies as well.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hi- Tea with the Kulb's

Apple Squares

Red Barron Apples, Cinnamon and Fall Spice

Assorted Scones

- Pumpkin - Pork, Cheddar, Scallion – Blank with Peach Jam

Baby Breakfast Quiche

Onions and Sausage

Fall Salad Greens

Smathered in Simple Fashion

Poly- Tunnel Root Vegetables

Beets, Turnips, Radishes and Rice Wine Vinaigrette

Warm Pork Broth

Carrots, Potatoes and Pork Belly

Assorted Sandwiches

- Egg Salad and Radish - Tortilla and Chicken

- Roasted Beef on Focaccia


- Biscotti de Prato – Classic Chocolate - Coriander

Stu really hit a home run with his Apple Squares and Scones.
Apple Squares

Scones: Savory and Sweet
Three Flavors: Basic Honey Butter, Spiced Pumpkin, Ham and Cheese
Served with a side of Peach Preserve and Whipped Butter and Local Honey

Practice Makes Perfect

One of the coolest things about the dinner parties is the fact that we get to personally serve our creations to the guest. It is so much fun to be able to take high end dinning techniques into peoples home and show them what they are all about.

This is a Fall Salad of Beet Roots and Stems, Carrots, Turnips and Pea Blossoms.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


One of our goals is to name all of our pigs after pork products. The challenge is to never use the same name. We got a new pig on October 31st and he is here to stay. We named him Guanciale. Guanciale is unsmoked italian bacon made with pig jowls or cheeks. Guanciale is our first boar, He is very laid back, super smart, and his nose is like a tractor. We put a little leash on his neck and walked him from his temporary stall (in the barn) to his winter house (in the garden). On his way there he stopped and with one swoop of his nose he took up a handfuld of roots. He is in piggy heaven, and his next door neighbors are two smoking hot girls. Ms. Pancetta, and Ms. Mortadella.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Busy Life

Epiphany Farms 2009!!
(Busy Life at the Modern Sustainable Farm)
The party, meeting, farm tour, and all other occasions are recorded here. You had or will have a party with us? Check your name on the calendar!