Wednesday, November 11, 2009


One of our goals is to name all of our pigs after pork products. The challenge is to never use the same name. We got a new pig on October 31st and he is here to stay. We named him Guanciale. Guanciale is unsmoked italian bacon made with pig jowls or cheeks. Guanciale is our first boar, He is very laid back, super smart, and his nose is like a tractor. We put a little leash on his neck and walked him from his temporary stall (in the barn) to his winter house (in the garden). On his way there he stopped and with one swoop of his nose he took up a handfuld of roots. He is in piggy heaven, and his next door neighbors are two smoking hot girls. Ms. Pancetta, and Ms. Mortadella.


  1. You walked him with a leash ?! I now pronouce you guys (gal ? whoever did the leading) official pig whisperers. Shhhh be wery wery qwiet.

  2. Holy pig balls, batman! Impressive!