Wednesday, September 22, 2010

CSA #17

Wow!! Week 17, five weeks left so enjoy the veggies. Cherish them and be sure to, "Put Up" your surplus.

Here is what you have to work with this week:

Bag of Green Beans or Bunch of Long Beans
Cucumbers (Multiple varieties, maybe the last of the season)
Red Russian Kale
Breakfast Radish
Pak Choy
Zucchini (Floridor, Raven and Goldbar)
Turnips (Hakuri and Purple Top)

The farm is really looking sharp lately. All of our fall crops are doing great and a lot of the summer crops are still producing. The rains lately have been spectacular and the cool nights are really sweetening things up. Our last planting of beans is very healthy and producing a lot. As far as, the long beans... well we will have them at the market this week but that might be it for them. Same with the cucumbers, they are almost finished. But, the Russian Kale is almost perfect, very nice size, little bug damage and amazing flavor, so enjoy. Saute them how every you prefer, season and consume. The Breakfast Radish are also amazing this week. Mustard has harvested some of his favorite varieties of Pak Choy and they are the size of his head. Zucchini, the last planting has been very healthy, so we may have a few more harvest. Stu has been making Zucchini bread for months now and he is starting to get them in the freezer for winter consumption. The Turnips are also record size, I will be demoing how to properly peel them during the pick up.

All of our grass fed steers are heading to the locker tomorrow and it is all sold out. Thanks to everyone who wants to enjoy the healthy alternative to corn feed stuff. We also tasted a baby pig after the wedding this weekend. It was delicious, so get ready for the pig roast.

Turkeys are looking good, Ducks huge and happy, Guineas doing work and getting around like crazy, Dennis the goat is rooming with Hairy Houdini the Bull Calf. They have the nicest pasture on property and get along great. Pam the dairy cow is getting milk twice a day and yielding about 5.5 - 6 gal a day. That healthy goodness sits for 24 hours and then gets feed to the little pigs. A diet of wild forge, lots of nuts, cracked barley, oats, wheat, corn and roasted soy beans, kelp and some salt to season. Yes... they are enjoying life right now.

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  1. Dennis looks fabulous ! Obviously he is where he belongs