Wednesday, July 21, 2010

CSA Harvest #8

In your CSA bags this week you'll find:

Purple Bell Peppers
Shishito Peppers
Sweet Corn
1 Thai Pepper - more than enough to add some heat to your next meal

It's been another eventful week for the farm. All of the plants are looking very happy after some much needed rain, and the animals have made some big moves. The first flock of black astrolorpes moved out to pasture in the egg mobile, and should be laying eggs by August 15th. Our baby astrolorpes are also getting acquainted with their new home on pasture and will be laying by the beginning of November. The ducks now call the back garden home, and seem to grow bigger every time we turn around!

The young pigs are growing quickly, and will be ready for the fall. In the meantime the mamas and papa are reunited and should have some new litters on the way. We have four steers at slaughter weight. Grassfed beef will be available soon, so let us know if you are interested in customizable cuts.

Check back for a new recipe and video featuring the products from our latest harvest!

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